Welcome, I'm delighted you've come to learn about my picture-storybooks for grown-ups. Why this story? We've all taken this jouney, but who can remember?

Caleb tells us his story before memory is lost. His story, like ours, began outside of time and space and body. He journeys all the way from a spiritual plane far from ordinary experience, to conception, through cellular and fetal development, then ends with his birth. He narrates this story of changes, love and even his fears, through poetic verse in various forms, with accurate information, and accompanied by twelve enchanting illustrations painted by the author.

For anyone of us who has ever been a mom, is expecting to be a mom, or loves someone who is; for anyone who has ever had a mom – or knows someone who has – let this little book transport us back to our beginnings and remind us all of our divine humanity. Read more

About Linda loveGarten

Linda loveGarten (aka Mrs. Goodwin) has recently retired from twenty years of teaching Art and Spanish in a Dallas middle school. A great lover of the beauty and spirit that’s all around but sometimes hard to see, she creates ethereal images in words, paint and various media. She holds degrees in Art, Spanish, and ancient Latin American cultures from universities in Texas and California; and has studied/traveled in Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, and China. Ms. loveGarten lives in Texas where she joyfully explores her art and travels with her husband Richard, also a retired Dallas teacher. Between them, they celebrate six grandchildren.


Excerpt from the Book

There is a place we nearly know
It lies between Heaven and Earth
When bodies drop, it’s where we go
And where we wait before birth
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$15.00 / Perfectbound
ISBN: 9781608447671
38 pages

$26.00 / Hardcover (No DJ)
ISBN: 9781608449668
38 pages
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